Made with love in the California mountai

"For women who embrace their femininity with confidence; 

For the girls who will become empowered women"

From my early Etsy days selling vintage clothing to creating a brand that reflects my love for fashion and motherhood, Coffee and Honey has evolved with me in every step of the way.

With my heart set on reuse, recycle and environmental issues I started by selling vintage clothing, after a few years and requests for made to order dresses, the brand evolved into a small business of creating and hand making dresses. It was a “one woman business” and I worked long hours to fulfill a great deal of orders. It was somewhat of a magical time working one-on-one with clients to create the perfect dress for their bridesmaids or graduation. I felt lucky.

Then I became a mom and my world turned upside down in the best way. Coffee and Honey had to wait. Now, my toddlers are my biggest inspiration and we are back. We are now a team of pattern makers, sewers and business women pursuing our passions.

Coffee and Honey celebrates womanhood. It's made for women who embrace their femininity with confidence. It’s made for the girls who will become empowered women.

My  Brazilian background is where the name Coffee and Honey comes from. But the name also translates in a mix of strong and sweet, women and girls, focused and free spirited and as I’m writing this sitting in my daughter’s bedroom and watching her sleep, I can just hope you fall in love with our designs and brand as much as I do.


All of our pieces are handmade with love for and with women empowerment in mind.